The Depressed Motivator

I’m in pain, but no one seems to care

I tried my best to hide it in the depths of my soul

But no I can’t, I just can’t stop the tears that flow

I’m not weak; I just don’t know how to handle things.


Every night I cry, telling myself that it’s gonna be alright.

But who am I kidding?

It will never be okay unless I accept the fact that I’m insecure,

Until I accept how things run in my life.


This is how I feel. No one knows. Not even my alter ego.

They knew I’m bubbly and feeling like this doesn’t depict my personality.

But, this is who I am. A very secretive one, who doesn’t like to show her real feelings to other people,

But this time, the emptiness is killing me. Help me, for I am drowning.


The pen and paper have been my constant companion these days.

Aside from God who’s always there and ready to listen to me.

He’s been bombarded with so many problems of mine and yet He’s still there.

No, I will never let Him down. I will rise and will start picking up the pieces in my life.


This is not the end, yet…

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