The Depressed Motivator

I’m in pain, but no one seems to care

I tried my best to hide it in the depths of my soul

But no I can’t, I just can’t stop the tears that flow

I’m not weak; I just don’t know how to handle things.


Every night I cry, telling myself that it’s gonna be alright.

But who am I kidding?

It will never be okay unless I accept the fact that I’m insecure,

Until I accept how things run in my life.


This is how I feel. No one knows. Not even my alter ego.

They knew I’m bubbly and feeling like this doesn’t depict my personality.

But, this is who I am. A very secretive one, who doesn’t like to show her real feelings to other people,

But this time, the emptiness is killing me. Help me, for I am drowning.


The pen and paper have been my constant companion these days.

Aside from God who’s always there and ready to listen to me.

He’s been bombarded with so many problems of mine and yet He’s still there.

No, I will never let Him down. I will rise and will start picking up the pieces in my life.


This is not the end, yet…

Issa’s Haven – The Little Santorini

A lot of us would like to go to Santorini, but it’s just too expensive that we’re out of the budget. This place can suffice the in dire need to visit the Blue Dome. Issa’s Haven was being tagged as the little Santorini in Oslob, Cebu because of its white and blue combination color.


Even the skies complimented the blue colors. The lanterns look like balloons in the morning. This place is really a haven!

I fell in love with the place the moment I saw the pictures, that I tried to research more about it. I just couldn’t get it off my mind and decided to visit it for my own satisfaction.

But don’t get too addicted to these beautiful colors yet, coz the colors at night time are also superb! It’s perfect for unwinding. This place is not only designed for lovers. It is actually designed for everyone who wants to get away from a fast phase lifestyle. If you’re stress, then you definitely need to go here!

I always say that a cheap vacation is the best one! With your 1,000 pesos, you can already have a luxurious place like this. Plus, you’ll get the chance to meet amazing people. Their staffs are really nice and very accommodating, that you would think you’re in your own resort. (See the breakdown of P1000 below)


Note that they don’t accept walk-ins. They also don’t cater day use. You must book your reservation online. You may contact this number +639156570524 or message them on their facebook account Issa’s Haven.


TWIN ROOM- 1,450
CABANA- 1,700

They also have a backpacker’s room which is suitable for friends. It’s only 500/each and utmost 5 people can occupy the room. So if you’re alone and want to meet new people then I would suggest the backpacker’s room.


They have 4 beds in one room. 2 people must sleep next to each other in one bed because the bed in the center is quite bigger.  It’s okay, the closer the better 😛



Their comfort room is for everybody though, including the staff who are staying in the other rooms. But no worries, they seldom use it and it’s well maintained.


They also have a veranda where the ocean is just overlooking. You will get to own the place if you will have this type of room.


Location: Brngy. Looc, Oslob Cebu

The place is just along the road, so you don’t need to worry about getting lost. From Cebu, you’ll need to go to South Bus Terminal and ride the bus going to Oslob. It takes 3-4 hours drive. Tell the bus driver to get you off at Looc Elementary School. That’s the easiest landmark you could have. Then walk for around 2-3mins from Looc Elementary School to Issa’s Haven. You should look out for this house or the signage beside it.

They also have a kitchen that serves delicious food. So, you don’t need to bring on your own. That’s to avoid paying the corkage as well.


*FARE — Bus (airconditioned) going to Oslob 165.00/each

— Bus (ordinary) going home to Cebu 138.00/each

*ROOM — Backpacker’s Room for 500.00/each

*EARLY DINNER — since we arrived there at 5pm, we took an early dinner and only for 100.00/each

*BRUNCH — we started our day late and had our brunch for only 70.00/each

But if you wanted to really have a luxurious vacation, then you can spend more than that.

If you’re a frustrated photographer and an aspiring nomad like me, then this place is perfect for you. You too could also have even more beautiful pics than these which are Instagram worthy and create an amazing memory with your loved ones. Don’t forget to comment below and share your experience. Enjoy!